Our company

Since 1998

Autek is a company with a strong technical and engineering focus. Since 1998 we have been developing custom information security solutions and projects for environments with the highest security requirements. We have developed multiple solutions in the following areas:

  • Security perimeter protection
  • Network protocols
  • Host security

As a result of this experience, in 2010 we started to design and develop a family of cross-domain products called PSTgateways.

Our approach

As our solutions have always targeted those environments with the highest security requirements we are committed to product security assurance. Common Criteria Product Evaluation and Certification enforces a systematical approach to threat analysis and choosing the right security measures to address the identified threats. Although it’s not perfect and it doesn’t automatically guarantee a secure product, it is a necessary condition. But we don’t just rely on it; we continue to be vigilant all the time, constantly looking for vulnerabilities -both in design and code- and let third parties perform as much independent security testing as possible.