PSTgateways is a family of products which allow secure cross-domain information exchange. They are included in the approved CIS Security Product Catalogue by the Spanish Authority. They have been designed to comply with national and international directives for the interconnection of communications and information system (high assurance).

Common Criteria certified products

High security domain remains isolated

The impossibility of any type of traffic between the two networks apart from the data transferred by the system itself is guaranteed. Neither connections, nor network packets traverse the gateway.

Application level gateways

The products work above the application level. The protocol stack is discontinued at all OSI model levels. The only pieces of information that are actually transferred between networks are high level data pieces (e.g. mail messages, files, etc.).


There are gateways for different traffic types (email, files, etc.). They all use standard protocols thus allowing interoperability with existing servers. All products share the same architecture which enables the centralized management of multiple gateways from the higher security network.


Main Benefits


  • Transfer logging
  • Granted Operating system integrity
  • Minimal attack surface
  • Security events reporting


  • Seamless integration
  • Different administrator roles
  • Highly intuitive administration console
  • Easily upgradable firmware
  • Operation events reporting

Cost effectiveness

  • Integrates with existing infrastructure
  • Easy to deploy and administer
  • Unattended system 24/7
  • Ready to use appliances


Each gateway consists of two appliances that communicate in a non-standard manner: one is connected to the internal network and the other to the external network. They are supplied with all software installed; only the parameters of the working environments need to be configured.

Administration and Auditing

Administration takes place from a computer on the internal network, through the PSTadm application, which connects via TLS to the internal unit. The gateway also sends system events via the ‘syslog’ protocol to servers located on the internal network.

Auditing is the recording of information about the transfers made by the system (e.g. messages sent to their recipients on the internal network). The PSTaud software component, installed in a computer on the internal network, is responsible for entering these records into a database outside the system. The internal unit automatically connects to PSTaud via TLS.

Technical data

  • 19”, 1U high appliances
  • High availability option with hardware redundancy
  • Transfer rate: 130 Mbps

Purchasing options

  • 5 year hardware guarantee: replacement part (NBD) and Keep your hard drive it is included
  • 1 year’s maintenance: remote support and periodic updates